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We keep investing simple for our clients by spending their hard earned money in a diverse portfolio of websites. This enables us to eliminate the risk, providing moderate return within an year. Yes! you read it right, 20 to 40% return over investment, within 12 months*

About Us

We are a team of hardworking affiliates eager to help low budget investors make a living online. With our profit sharing based model, it's a win-win for both of us.

Why should I invest?

If you have money today, there is no guarantee it will be there tomorrow. You must have seen days when you ran out of cash. Remember that time?

It is important to have multiple income streams in today's fact paced World. Putting your investment in Online properties could be the smartest of ideas you may think of.

How it works?

We provide a 100% secure investing platform by putting everything on the table for you. The launch process works as follows

Buyer and seller agree to terms

Buyer deposit funds

Seller presents a plan

Buyer and seller agree to terms

Buyer and seller agree to terms

Buyer and seller agree to terms

Our Services

From research to websites, from content to promotion, from 0 to thousands of Dollars per month in Revenue. We provide all these services under one roof - Online Money Investment .com

Money Making Websites

We spent years in getting right ingredients for a successful website.

Affordable Investment Plans

You don't need to sell your car. Plans starting from just $3000 to make $1K PM

Secure Payment Solutions

Payments through Escrow.com to make sure you know everything about our Websites.

Fast Deilivery

Your sites will be up and running in no time. We are as much involved in your business as you are.

Buy and Build Strategy

Interested in instant profit? We can also buy a money making website and manage it for you.

Result Based Work

We won't charge anything until your websites make money except the setup fee.

Our Pricing plans

You will just pay for maintenance of your websites. We get paid only after your sites start making money.


Kickstart your entry into digital World

$ 700/mo

Earn upto $1500*
Per month



This could be the first step for leaving 9 to 5 job

$ 1500/mo

Earn upto $4000*
Per month



Now this means business – 25 sites with multiple income streams

$ 3000/mo

Earn upto $9000*
Per month



Want to invest more? Get in contact before We close this spot!

$ xxx/mo

Earn upto $xxxxxx*
Per month


Some Facts

12 New clients

108 Sucess Stories

120 Total Clients

116 Happy Clients

Our Expert Team

Scot Will

- CEO -

How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.

Trina R. Larsen

- Afiliate Manager -

Things you regret most in life are the risks you didn't take. Take risks, Live your passion. Be an Entrepreneur!

James Owen

- Operations Manager -

The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake. You don't learn anything from being perfect.


I receive all of my payments on time and it’s working out pretty well for me.

David Schultz

For so many years I wanted to earn through affiliate marketing but it wasn't going well. I wouldn't know that I will find wayyy better option. Biggi Thanks

Amanda Crushin

Great experience! A very practical and profitable platform. Finally, got some real results not just claims.


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We seek to invest in well-positioned companies with operational
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You just discoverd the most secure investment plan.Here at OnlineM-oney investment.com. We believe in result based work. You will pay us only after you see result

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